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Cape Verde where is ?


Cape Verde is located in the Atlantic Ocean, about 455 km of cable with the same name, on the western tip of Africa. It is an archipelago of small-sized countries (4033 km), spread over 10 islands and eight islets. Of volcanic origin, most of the islands are mountainous and rocky. There is an active volcano on Fogo Island, which is also the highest point of the archipelago, with 2829 m. The country consists of 10 islands, of which 9 inhabited divided into two groups:

• To the north, the Windward Islands. Relating from west to east: Santo Antao, Sao Vicente, Santa Luzia (uninhabited nature reserve), São Nicolau, Sal and Boa Vista. Still belong to the Windward group of uninhabited islets of Branco and Raso, situated between Santa Luzia and São Nicolau, the islet of Birds, opposite the town of Mindelo on the island of St. Vincent and the islanders Rabo de Junco, on the coast of the island Sal and islets of Sal Rei and Bulwark, on the coast of the island of Boa Vista;

• To the south, the Leeward Islands. Enumerating from east to west: Maio, Santiago, Fogo and Brava. The islet of Santa Maria, in front of the city of Praia, on Santiago Island, the islanders Grande, Rombo, Low Angle, King, Luís Carneiro and Firefighter islet, situated about 8 km from the island of Brava and the islet sand along the coast of that island. The largest islands are Santiago, southeast, where lies Praia, the capital of the country and the island of Santo Antao, in the extreme northwest. Beach is also the main population center of the archipelago, followed by Mindelo on the island of São Vicente.

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